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More lawsuits filed in Phoebe flap

September 23, 2004

Albany--The man being sued by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is counter suing.

Albany Surgical CPA Charles Rehberg and Dr. John Bagnato have filed a counterclaim. The hospital sued Rehberg claiming defamation after Rehberg sent faxes with what they say is false information.

Rehberg and Bagnato say the information on the faxes is true, and they have the right to free speech.

"Yes, we did the factoids," said PPMH Chief of Surgery Dr. John Bagnato. "And I can admit some of the factoids were a bit tasteless, and perhaps got a little too personal, the anonymity was a practical thing, we couldn't just speak out, because they have a tendency to shoot the messenger."

Dr. Bagnato says he's not attacking the hospital, he's just not happy with how the hospital is managed.

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