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Youth Minister charged with child molestation

September 23, 2004

Thomasville - Youth Minister Roddy Suber takes a seat after receiving a bond of $5,000 with strict conditions: He is to have no contact with the 16-year-old girl he's been charged with molesting.

Investigator Pascal Autrey says, "There's been allegations of inappropriate touching and also actual sexual intercourse on a couple of occasions."

Investigators believe the 25-year-old Youth Minister of Faith Horizon Ministries in Thomasville molested the girl during church activities. "Sometimes it would be on some sleep overs or church activities," says Autrey. "Even one indication where something happened on a church camp trip."

Jeff Christopher is the senior pastor of the church. He's also Suber's father-in-law, and he believes the allegations are a sign of the end times. Christopher says, "I feel like this is nothing more than a spiritual attack against our church to try and cause there to be a disruption of what the Lord is trying to do in it."

And he says Suber is still and will remain the Youth Minister of the church. "He will continue to be, and we will support him 100%," says Christopher, "There's is no reason that we would not allow him to be, when he has done nothing wrong."

But now it is up to the law to decide whether Suber is innocent or guilty. Autrey says, "At this time we do have some evidence saying that some activity has gone on, and we want justice to be done, as does the public. Because this stuff does not need to be tolerated in Thomas County, especially at the churches, I mean, that's God's house." A house that one young girl may never feel safe in again.

More charges may be filed against Roderick Suber. The GBI and the Thomas County Sheriff's Department are still investigating. He was released from the Thomas County Jail Thursday afternoon on a $5,000 bond.

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