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Students learn the value of voting

September 23, 3004

Today, they're choosing their favorite entertainers but soon the issues will be much different. "I want to vote on the education issues and the war issues," said Victor Myers.

These Lowndes High Seniors are learning the ins and outs of voting at the school's voter registration drive. "We have about 278 eligible students and so far we've had about 50 come by," said Organizer Anglia Webb-Crosby.

They're typically the least likely to show up at the polls, but students like Shanna Hullaby are hoping to turn things around. "We're the people who fight wars at our age and we have the right to make change and this is the first step," said Hullaby.

A lot of teens may think registering to vote is a hassle, but it really only takes a couple of minutes. All you have to do is fill out the form, sign your name, then stick it in the mailbox, and you're a registered voter. "Every thing gets done really quickly, it takes no time," said Hullaby.

And they're getting a little push from the city's top politician, Mayor John Fretti. "Hopefully, I'm planting a seed that will make them go look at what and who they want to vote in," said Fretti.

Now they're ready to study up on the issues, and cast that single vote that really can make a world of difference.

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