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Gas price climbs a dime

September 21, 2004

Albany-- If you filled up your gas tank Sunday, you most likely got a deal others waiting for the beginning of the week didn't. Gas prices jumped nearly 10 cents Monday, but local retailers say they aren't the blame.

Beth Sykes drives about a 100 miles round-trip to work in Miller County several times a week. "I can use a tank of gas easily in half a week, and as you can see it's a lot of money," she says.

A lot of money she'd rather keep in her pocket. She says she tired of the ever-rebounding prices of gas. "It has been an insidious move upward. It will go down a little bit and then it will go upward, and once we get used to paying a higher price it never goes back to where it was," Sykes says.

She isn't the only one feeling sticker stock at the pump. "Drove around town trying to find it cheaper than what it was yesterday. I've been to three gas stations," says Fran Bagley.

Prices at the pump have increased for the first time in about a month. The State of Emergency in Georgia expired Monday. It kept retailers from raising their prices, but owners at Woodall's Gas Stations say their 9-cent increase has nothing to do with that.

"The biggest concern for what we're hearing right now is the situation in Russia with that major oil supplier over there cutting China off, or halting the shipments to China. You wonder why China has an effect on the United States but China is the largest energy user in the world," says gas station owner Wright Woodall.

And unfortunately the supply halt caused a spike in crude oil prices and that trickled down to drivers at the pump. Woodall says demand for gasoline usually goes down after Labor Day, meaning a decrease in prices at the pump, but Woodall isn't sure if this year will follow the trend. "I don't think there's going to be any way to predict what prices are going to do. It's just not possible," he says.

So, for now if prices are low you may want to go ahead and fill up because like the saying goes tomorrow you may be a day late and dollar short.

According to AAA, the national average for unleaded gas is $1.85 per gallon. That's up 20 cents from this time last year. The highest recorded national average was a whopping $2.05 back in May.

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