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Elementary school students learn about water

September 21, 2004

Terrell County -- Most Fourth Graders never think about water, unless they are thirsty. But South Georgia educators this week are teaching students the science of H-2-O, and why they need to protect their environment, to make sure there is plenty of water for their lifetime.

 Dr. Michael Stranberg says "Sometimes when these bugs get this stuff, they get gas." Kids say "cool."

Morningside and Westside Elementary fourth graders learn about acids and water at Water Festival 2004. Dr. Stranberg says "We get a blue color, purple. So not all the bugs react in the same way."

Dr. Stranberg of Merck explains how the chemical company uses water, and keeps it clean. "We want to talk to them about how we purify any chemicals that go to our chemistry sewer, before it gets going to the Flint River."

That's important for the fish in the River, like these the students got a close up look at. "The bass are happy. Why? Because all them little fish are right there where they can catch them easy."

Science lessons that these students will not forget. Teacher Desiree Jackson says "The content ties in with the C.R.C.T. they will be taking in April. It ties in with the science curriculum."

Learning to cast a fishing rod shows the students how water is used for recreation. The hands on lessons on water use will be remembered by the students, because it's fun. "They are having a great time."

Nearly 800 students from five Southwest Georgia counties will attend Water Festival at the Hooks Hanner Environmental Resources Center.

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