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Mom and Pop enter the packaged food business

September 21, 2004

Moultrie-- Have you ever taken a bite out of something and thought to yourself, that you could cook it with a better taste? That's just what one Moultrie couple did.

Now, they're making a living cooking and selling beef jerky. They are the only ones in Georgia. Pat Tyree is making a living in Moultrie on old fashion beef jerky.

Her husband, Tom, started the business because he wanted a hunting snack to his liking. The couple ONonlyhas two employees, and one is Tom's mother. "I was more or less drafted into it," she laughs.

Drafted to slice, pull, season, dehydrate, trim, package, and seal beef jerky, all in this small kitchen. "Now we need about three times this size," said Tom.

The taste is big, but the company is small. TP stands for Tom and Pat, but the TP on the logo has a hidden meaning. "The reason we have the Indian motif, the Indians actually invented beef jerky. Who knew? I think the first they had was buffalo."

But TP makes eight flavors. "It's real tender," said Mary. "We make Cajun, Fajita Spice, Teriyaki, En Ferno and Bourbon Barbeque."

"We also do the deer for the hunters, we marinate it and turn it into jerky for them, if they like," Tyree said.

And the Tyree's like their commute. The office is steps away from home, but these packages, already sold in Georgia, may hit shelves nationwide.

Right now, TP Old Fashion Beef Jerky sells at Moultrie mom and pop stores, Valdosta State

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