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Senior citizen working out to break records

Jim Hall Jim Hall

September 20, 2004

Thomasville - Believe it or not, for some people, going to the gym isn't actually a chore, it's a hobby. "I like to lift heavy, I like to feel the weight. I like to know that I can do it," says Jim Hall.

Six days a week, Hall is at Izzo's gym, and because of his strict routine, he's in the best shape of his life. Hall says, "My doctor usually tells me, whatever I'm doing, don't stop."

But Hall's not just working out for his health. He says he's, "Training to break three world record bench presses." Break records of 402, 440 and 470 pounds, and Hall has no doubt he'll do just that. Hall says, "I'll feel real good. And I will break them. I will take the records. (All three of them?) All three of them, yeah."

But the really amazing part of all of this is Jim isn't quite as young as you might think. He says, "For a 62 year old guy, I think that'll be okay." Well, that's how old he'll be next year when he tries to break those records. Now, he's a mere 61 years young.

At 61, Hall is teaching younger weightlifters how to get in tip-top shape by starting out slow and working their way up and hopefully when they reach his age, they'll maintain that physical condition.

29 year old Jamie Rowe says, "That's a good encouragement for me, because I see somebody who's 61 years old still doing what he's doing, lifting what he's doing. It definitely encourages me."

Another record Hall hopes to break? "Just living longer, I guess. I hope," he says. And from the looks of things, he'll shatter that record as well.

Hall has about one year to train before he travels to Reno, Nevada to try to break those records.

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