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Bikers roll into South Georgia for good cause

September 17, 2004

Bainbridge - Although things got off to a slow start, they're picking up speed. Cruisers, sport bikes, three wheelers, side cars, choppers, you can see just about every type of motorcycle imaginable this weekend at the Bainbridge Bike Fest.

Bart Brooks says, "We've been to Daytona, Myrtle Beach, all the big bike festivals, this is our favorite."

The BikeFest was supposed to be in full swing by now, but rain, and lots of it, put things on hold for a while. "Well, the first night it was pretty scary, with the winds and the rain and the trailer rocked a little bit, but after that, it was fine," says Deborah Richardson.

Now, things are really moving and the sun's shining as bright as the chrome on these bikes. Brooks says, "Compared to the last two days, this is like heaven, so it ought to be real nice, ought to be real nice."

Just as nice as the people Bart Brooks has met here. That's why he'll be back next year. "I mean everywhere we go, every restaurant, everybody's so friendly," he says. "The staff here that runs the event, they're just great, they take care of everything. It just makes you feel welcomed."

And just by participating in the BikeFest, you've given to a good cause. "All the proceeds go for children's charities," says Sally Holmes, BikeFest Information Chair. Charities like the salvation army, shiner's hospital and juvenile diabetes. This year, they hope to raise at least $50,000.

And although the BikeFest is "for the kids", it's not for kids. Holmes says, "There really isn't anything for them to do. There's lots for adults to do." All 8,000 adult bikers they hope to see ride out the weekend at BikeFest.

There is one event the whole family is encouraged to attend this weekend. On Saturday there will be a bike show on the square in Bainbridge, from 9 AM to 12:30.

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