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Retailers begin to replenish supplies, generators

September 17, 2004

Albany- Roses Discount Store in East Albany has some water left, but there are no D batteries in the store.

They usually have a truck come and restock the store on Mondays, but because of Ivan they have requested to have a special truck full of disaster supplies come in Saturday.

"We had a call from our home office and they said we could get a disaster truck, so that means we'll have batteries, gas cans, and paper towels, paper plates different items like that," says Assistant Manager, Jimmy Ford.

Roses says the truck is coming from Nashville, Tennessee and should be in Albany by Saturday morning.

Generators have also been hard to find items, and some Albany retailers say they may not get any more for weeks.

Westover Lawn and Garden was able to get 38 Honda generators Wednesday afternoon, but by closing time Friday more than half were gone.

They were only open for about three hours Friday morning before the 16 they had left were sold.

"As it stands right now we have the two extremes. We got a 7,000 watt generator and a 1,000 watt generator and that's the total extent of our inventory," says Owner Jesse Way.

Way says the Honda dealer doesn't even have any more generators. He expects it to be at least two weeks before he can replenish his stock.

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