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Fallen trees cause problems in South Georgia

September 17, 2004

Dougherty County -- Most of the storms generated by Hurricane Ivan have left South Georgia, but their effects continue to cause problems.

 The roots of this huge oak tree gave way Friday afternoon, and it fell across Mud Creek Road in West Dougherty County. The tree fell across power lines, but did not break them.

Public works crews cleared the 50 foot oak off the road, and will come back next week to haul it away.

These crews have been busy with downed trees like this for weeks. Dougherty County Public works supervisor David Minnick said "The weight of the tree just pulled it over. The ground just saturated,let the tree fall on over, didn't have no way to hold itself up no more."

 Motorists need to stay alert, because more trees could fall across roadways because of the saturated ground.

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