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Beach home owners go to see property damage

September 17, 2004

Albany -- Many South Georgians hit the beach Friday, but not for fun. They headed to the Florida or Alabama coast to see if Hurricane Ivan wiped out their vacation homes.

Most Condo and beach house owners have not been able to get information on their beach property, so many are going South this weekend for a firsthand look at Ivan's damage.

Keith Norton and his wife Paula get ready to drive to Panama City Beach. "We're loading up right now to see what we have got. Hopefully it won't be that bad."

 The Norton's beach house, which they bought in March, is just four blocks from the shore. They have no idea what Hurricane Ivan did to their vacation home. Norton said "We do know where the Hamilton's restaurant was, is about four to six blocks away from us, and it destroyed it for all practical purposes, from what we can tell."

 Norton runs his own construction company, and he is taking his tools, generators, and equipment. He knows they will be needed. "We've got a lot of elderly down there, that are unable to help themselves. If we are fortunate, and some are not , we are going to try to chip in and help them."

Norton and his wife moved most of their furniture out of their Panama City beach home last weekend.

Now they, like dozens of South Georgians, are heading back to see what is left after Hurricane Ivan.

Keith Norton tells us Friday night he's lucky. His home was not damaged by the tornadoes that spawned from Ivan.

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