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City crews sweep up after Ivan

September 17, 2004

Albany- They say there's no rest for the weary, and that seems to hold true for the city of Albany street sweeping crews.

"Man I need a vacation," laughs John Reid. "Pine needles, straw limbs, a little bit of everything is out here today."

At 7:30 Friday morning a crew in East Albany along with three others began sweeping up streets littered with debris blown around by Ivan.

"There's a lot of debris in the gutter. The drain pipes are stopped up. We're getting all we can get out before the jet vac can come and do their part," Reid explains.

Reid usually sweeps the entire east side by himself.

"There won't be no finishing up today because each area gets a little heavier as you go, so when I get in a light area I'll be real happy," he laughs.

Ivan left so much in the roads he had no choice but to get another truck to help. Each truck can hold approximately half a block of debris swept from the side of the road.

"Probably by the time I get to the next block up here I'll probably be about ready to dump. So, it's filling up quick."

Reid's got that covered too. Normally when his truck fills up he has to take it all the way to the landfill the empty it out, but to save time a he empties it into a 12-ton dump truck that rides along with his crew.

"That helps us kind of move along a little quicker than we normally do," he says.

Quicker and more efficient. The name of the game when it comes to cleaning up behind the storms that continue to pile on the work for street cleaning crews.

Reid says because they've cleaned up before and after each storm the past month, they've worked more than they have since last winter.

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