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Hurricane evacuees head home

September 16, 2004

Valdosta - After a two night stay in Valdosta, the Stanford family is packing up and heading home to Destin, Florida. "We think the damage is probably going to be pretty intense, we're about a mile from the beach," said Jade.

Leaving Florida wasn't a difficult decision for this father. He had two good reasons. "A four year old and a five week old," said Jade.

This is the first evacuation little Jackson has been through. "We had to leave because there was a storm coming!" said Jackson.

But his dad has plenty of experience. "I was there for Hurricanes Opal and Erin and we just make the best of it, I think this one's gonna be a little tougher," said Jade.

Tough to say the least, they'll have to deal with possible flooding and no power. "It's like you see on television, we're going to be lined up for water and ice," said Jade. "No hot water to give baths, wash clothes, no television, its going to be hard," said Kimberly Stanford.

Hard times are ahead, but this family considers themselves lucky. "You can always rebuild, but your life and the health of your family is something you can't replace," said Jade.

And even though they're not sure what they've lost in Destin, because this family played it safe, they still have everything that matters.

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