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Twister causes damage in Dougherty County

September 16, 2004

Dougherty County -- For Helen Parks, the twister almost blew away all she had. Tonight, she's counting her blessings.

Helen Parks had a plan when she first heard what sounded like a freight train headed for her home.

"We came up through here and we got into this tub here," says Parks.

That's where Parks and her daughter waited Thursday morning as a powerful twister wreaked havoc on her Gibson Road home in Dougherty County.

But, when the rumbling wind stopped nothing could prepare her for what she found outside.

Powerful winds ripped off part of her garage and tossed tall trees all over her yard. One large tree came crashing on top of her home and that wasn't all.

"I came out here and saw a tree on my car and my daughter's car and it was amazing to me. My car windows were knocked out and it was just devastating," says Parks.

Devastation that the Scaff Family was spared. They live on Spring Flats Road and they consider themselves lucky.

"The trees didn't hit the house, didn't hit the vehicles so we consider ourselves lucky in that respect," says Wilma Scaff.

But both families agree they're just happy to have survived the twister and hope their homes will be spared any further damage from Ivan.

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