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Panama City awaits a long night

September 15, 2004

Panama City Beach--  Hurricane Ivan took some lives today in the Panama City area. He spun out at least five tornadoes, two people have died, power lines are down and homes are flattened.

Four of those tornadoes happened in a two-hour span, sending emergency crews on the run.

Fierce winds on the Grand Lagoon on Panama City Beach put docks underwater. “It went down the street and got the mobile home area, homes were flattened,” said Tornado Survivor Joel Prather.

A deadly tornado touched down just past this police barricade. “From what I heard, there was a car going by and the tornado picked the car up, and killed the guy,” Prather said.

As emergency crews head to one devastated area, another tornado hits just outside downtown Panama City. A car wash destroyed and debris scattered.

Down the road, the City of Parker was dark and deserted. Roofs peeled back and draped over power lines and blocking roads.

Hurricane Ivan is not finished with the Panama City area. Folks here are still watching and listening.

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