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Twisters touch down in Miller County

September 15, 2004

Miller County- Debris swirls through just one of the developing tornadoes in the Colquitt area Wednesday night.

The only sound more frightening than the tornado sirens, the tornadoes themselves. "It Sounds like a big semi truck coming this way, said 15 year old Brittany Kimble." 13 year old Kelly Lane remembers, "It's kind of like a train coming over the top of the house."

Lane was at home watching over her little sisters. "I made them go to the bathroom, and I got my comforter and put it in there, and we sat in the bathtub," described Lane.

The twister barely missed their house on Bellview Road, but it uprooted two big Oak trees right in their front yard.

At least ten tornadoes were spotted throughout the area. Kimble says "We didn't know what it was. It just came up so fast."

It was so fast, it snapped power lines and trees and left minor damage to some homes. The tornadoes also left people in this South Georgia County feeling fortunate, because despite a tense and traumatic evening, there have been no injuries reported in the area.

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