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Creek watching is all the rage

September 15, 2004

Lee County-- Government officials are cautiously optimistic that their creeks won’t flood much, if at all.

People are preparing for Hurricane Ivan, but downed trees are the least of the worries for Lee County. It’s flooding. "Well right now we are okay right now, it is what we call bank full but it means we are full to its capacity," said EMA Director Joe Pollock.

The gates at the Muckafoonee are wide open, dropping water levels at the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee Creeks. "As that happens and we get back to more normal levels than we can easily handle four to six inches of rain," he said.

But in case the worst happens, Lee County leaders, from first responders to school administrators met to run through their emergency plan. "It looks like we might get lucky on this one, we will keep our fingers crossed, but ware keeping an eye on all those things," said Lee Administrator Langford Holbrook.

Keeping an eye, first, on the creeks-- "Probably the flood of 1994, the Muckalee came up the quickest and surprised the most people," he said.

Surprising people in several areas, like North Hampton Road,which tends to flood first. But, by dropping the creek level, concerns of serious flooding are dropping too.

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