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Tree cutting can prevent major storm damage

September 15, 2004

Lee County-- Oakland Plantation in called in a tree remover today, after losing nearly 20 trees during Tropical Storm Frances, less than two weeks ago.

The limbs and stump are still piled at Oakland Plantation. These trees were the first to go because they're were so close to the house. The Plantation lost about 18 pecan trees during Frances, and that cost them a lot of money to clean up.

Many of these pine trees were left leaning and they’re were afraid they would fall in this storm, so they went ahead and had five trees cut down. "We wanted to do it now, so we won T have to do it Friday in a storm. So they went ahead and had five trees cut down,” said Danny Gilliard.

The experts work very carefully to cut down the trees without hitting the power lines or the homes. Gilliard says he has more business than he can handle right now.

Many people are going ahead and cutting down pine trees especially fearing the wet ground and winds will prove to be a destructive combination to their property.

Tree removal can be expensive-- about $400 to $600 a tree. But damage to your home and property can be even more.

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