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Ivan's nasty little surprise: Tornadoes

September 15, 2004

Panama City Beach-- A tornado spawned by Hurricane Ivan touched down near WJHG-TV, the NBC affiliate in Panama City.

Bridges are still open here in Panama City Beach, but probably not for long. We are under a Hurricane and Tornado Warning and we're expecting to get hit with tropical force winds in the next few hours.

Everyone woke up this morning to a powerful and dangerous surf in the Gulf of Mexico. Waves are making their way closer to businesses and homes. On the marina, boats are trying to stay afloat despite tough winds and rain.

Businesses in downtown panama city were mostly closed today, some left behind plywood with notes to Ivan asking him nicely to leave the downtown area alone. Ivan may not be hitting directly, but we are getting a whole lot of rain and wind and of course, we also have to worry about tornadoes being generated by Ivan

Of course, businesses are losing money because they either shut down or customers are gone. They all did it before with Opal in 1995. The people left are mostly good spirits.

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