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Food bank stocks up for Ivan

September 15, 2004

Valdosta - America's Second Harvest Food Bank is bracing for the storm. "We're going to brace the doors, bring all our products and equipment inside," said Will Robinson.

It's important to protect this building and everything inside, since this will be the major food source for hurricane victims along the Gulf Coast. "We're prepared to send as much food as may be needed," said Robinson.

So far, the food bank has collected about 100,000 pounds of food for disaster relief, they need more. Dry and canned goods top their needs list. "Anything like pop tarts or ready to eat meals that require little preparation or can be prepared without electricity," said Robinson.

And they need more than just food, personal items like blankets and deodorant are on the list too.

They'll also be a source of relief for people who need help here in Valdosta. "Anybody that's in the shelter will be taken care of by the food bank," said Robinson.

The food bank shipped about 50 thousand pounds of food to South Florida during Hurricanes Charley and Frances. Now with Ivan's destruction, this could be their biggest disaster relief project yet.

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