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Weather radios sold out

September 15, 2004

Lee County -- During Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Ivan, we have advised you to keep a NOAA Weather Radio turned on for the latest bulletins.

But if you have waited to buy one, you may be out of luck. Most stores in Albany are sold out of the NOAA weather radios.

Of the dozens of stores we checked in the Albany area, the Radio Shack in Lee County was the only one with a NOAA Weather radio.

Beth Reich had also been searching, and was buying the portable scanner with NOAA. Reich said "It's just the Hurricane coming through. We've had so many recently, and another one coming. It's a mad area."

The Hurricane blitz of the last two weeks made the weather radios a hot item for customers. Radio Shack's Crystal Lock said "Oh yes, many. Everyday. I say average probably about 50 people calling up here, coming in."

Reich said she thinks she will sleep better now that she has the weather alert radio. Reich said "I think it would tell me different areas I should go to, or shouldn't go to."

Radio Shack's supplier sent most of their NOAA radio stock to Florida. The Lee County store has been asking for them. Lock said "The weather radios came in today. We got two in. Sold one as soon as they came in, and we've got one left."

But that one did not last long. Tom Pollock walked into the store while we were talking to Lock, and bought it. Tom Pollock said "We've been meaning to get one. Seems with the Hurricane season, especially the way they've been coming in lately, we just wanted to be prepared. "

NOAA weather radios cost on average between 40 and 90 dollars, if you can find one. Most stores in Albany are sold out, as Hurricane Ivan approaches.

Rodd Electronics received three NOAA weather radios Wednesday afternoon, and sold all three within minutes. They have a waiting list for the next ones they get in.

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