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Moody prepares for Ivan

September 14, 2004

Lowndes County - Hurricane Ivan is chasing Moody's aircraft out of Lowndes County. "I have some at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, some at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona," said Col. Tony Lazarski.

About 90 planes are flying out of Moody and finding safe shelter at other bases around the country. Dozens of other planes are headed to hangers where they'll be anchored down and protected from high winds. "These hangers are good up to 100 knots," said Lazarski.

Each of these aircraft costs about 4 million dollars. But losing an aircraft is more than just a monetary loss. "If we lost a T-6, we can't produce pilots," said Lazarski. "These are national assets just like the F-16."

And while Moody's planes are flying out, aircraft from other bases are flying in. Several choppers flew in Tuesday afternoon from Ft. Rucker Army Base in Alabama. "They're gonna land here now, get some gas, and off they go to Savannah," said Lazarski.

Airmen are also stacking sandbags in low lying areas. "That's to minimize any water coming into the building," said Lt. Col. David Carlon.

Base officials don't expect any major damage from Hurricane Ivan, but they're playing it safe. Because protecting this base means better protection for this country.

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