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Evacuees "parking" in South Georgia

September 14, 2004

Thomasville - With the winds of Tropical Storm Frances, came a rush of evacuees out of Florida. Many of them came straight to the City of Roses RV Park in Thomasville.

Owner Bill Crozier says, "We filled up with people and parked them everywhere we could park them. Some of them we just let them park without electricity or water, or cable."

And now, for the third time in a month, this park is preparing to take in refugees again. The storms are unfortunate for those in their path, but the flood of business is welcomed. Crozier says, "This is not normally a busy time. September's not one of our busy months. October usually begins our busy season."

Last week this park was full of evacuees from South Florida trying to avoid Frances. Now empty lots await evacuees out of our West, from Alabama and Mississippi. They're trying to elude Ivan. They should begin to arrive in the City of Roses tonight.

And Crozier says he'll work to make sure those evacuees are as comfortable as possible, given the situation. He says, "It's just nice to help somebody when you can, and I think the whole city of Thomasville has been able to do that. We do it every chance we get." Especially when chance becomes a potentially devastating reality for some.

The Georgia State Patrol says they have not yet seen an increase in traffic in Thomas County. However, The City of Roses RV Park has received calls from several people reserving lots while they ride out the storm.

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