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Insurance adjusters go to work after Frances

September 10, 2004

Albany -- The damage Tropical storm Frances caused in South Georgia has insurance adjusters working around the clock. On any give day you can find them on roof tops or in tight situations surveying the damage, working to get claims filed.

For insurance adjuster Alan Broome, the damage left behind in South Georgia by Tropical Storm Frances has taken his business to new heights.

"We climb roofs, and we do the walking through damage areas and that type of thing," says Broome.

Climbing roofs, snapping photos, and counting up the damage; servicing a long list of clients.

Today, Broome is helping Albany businessman ,Pete Stith, total up the damage after storm winds sent a massive oak crashing through the roof of his workshop.

"I wasn't going to remove the tree before I talked to the insurance agency," says Pete Stith, owner of Albany Ice Makers.

But Stith did remove the tree before his adjuster came out, a move many others are following, and one our adjuster says is just fine.

"If there is a tree on top of your house, you don't have to wait for the adjuster to get there to get the tree off of the house. We do request that the tree just be taken off the house and set beside the house, because there are some limitations on coverage as it goes with getting the tree off the property," says Broome.

Broome says take photos of your damage before you make repairs and keep receipts and a log of your repairs. These are small steps that will go a long way at getting you the best estimate for your damages and speed up the time it takes for you to receive payment.

Broome says many of the his clients receive their claim checks two weeks after their adjustment.

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