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Ashburn takes Turner County to court

September 10, 2004

Turner County -- Turner County is threatening to cut off 911 dispatch services to residents in Ashburn if the city doesn't agree to pay more for local services.

The city and county are doing battle over who should provide certain services to residents. The city says the county gets a larger portion of sales tax money, so they should take more responsibility but the county says it already is doing more than it should and wants the city to fork over more cash.

Now that the county is threatening to cut services, city officials are planning to take them to court.

"We are not demanding anything, except that we are asking the court to provide some type of outside mediation that would come and assist the city and county in reaching an agreement," says Ashburn City Attorney Tommy Coleman.

If the county and the city do not come to an agreement soon, they could be at risk of losing out on state grant money.

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