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Frances damages a South Georgia vineyard

September 9, 2004

Calhoun County -Charles Cowart shuffles through the mess Frances left at Still-Pond Vineyard in Calhoun County. "We were at our pretty much peak harvest point when Frances came through, " explains Cowart.

The muscidine grapes were at a perfect stage of ripeness, so they were easily shaken off by the storm. Cowart says "Don't dare try to pick them up. If they've hit the ground, there's no telling what kind of contamination we would get."

Cowart estimates his losses at about $200,000. Cowart explained "You work all year long, and at harvest time you want to get everything you can get," and he wants to get every grape left on his vines before Hurricane Ivan roars in next week. Cowart said "Hopefully, by early next week we will have been able to get up and down every row."

Ups and downs is what it's all about when you're a farmer. "A lot of hard work and it just really hurts you to watch it laying on the ground, " says Cowart.

Frances hurt about eighty percent of the crop this South Georgia farmer had on his vines.

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