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Historic site could close

September 9, 2004

Thomasville - Cheryl Walters knows just about every crooked cranny of the Lapham Patterson house. "I sort of feel it's not your average house and anybody who comes to see it, just marvels at how it's managed to stand so long and be so crooked," says Walters.

The home has no right angles, is completely asymmetrical, and it's big claim to fame, at least in Thomasville, is that it is was one of the first privately owned homes here to have indoor plumbing.

Walters says, "It celebrates American ingenuity in house building. It has some things in it that you won't see anywhere else in the world." Like a walk through fireplace, with double flue chimneys, or the fact that there are no hallways, and there is an exterior door out of every room. All things Walters hopes to continue showing, if the state doesn't shut her down.

"I just love this building," she says, "I am determined that as long as we can show it to the public, I'll be here showing it to the public."

The main reason the Lapham Patterson house is on the state list of possible closures is because they don't bring in enough money each year through visitors, but Walters says you can't put a price on the historical and educational value of this home, and that's why these doors should not be closed permanently.

"You can't assign a value to it. It's one of a kind and we have thousands of visitors every year, and the building is famous," says Walters. Hopefully fame will bring this house good fortune.

If you want to see the Lapham Patterson House stay open, you can join their friends group by calling the house. The state has not made a decision on which parks and sites might be shut down.

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