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Farmers keep a close eye on Hurricane Ivan

September 8, 2004

Randolph County -Frances left soggy ground in Marvin Devane's Randolph county peanut field. Devane said "I was hoping we'd get about what we got," but what he's not hoping to get is more rain before his peanuts are pulled from the ground.

"I think when it dries off, if we can get back in the field, we'll be all right," says Devane. The crops will only be all right if they're not in the path of another major storm system.

Hurricane Ivan could dump rain over this area in less than a week. That's about how long it takes for his field to dry so the peanuts can be harvested.

Ivan could bring potential damage that has this farmer concerned. "If Ivan don't come in here and pull in some more rain," explained Devane. That's more rain that could ruin his entire peanut crop.

Most of Devane's peanut crop lies in clay soil. He has to wait at least a week for the peanuts to dry so the plants don't break during the digging process.

Frances poured about six inches of rain over Randolph county.

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