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Some South Georgians still without power

September 8, 2004

Berrien County - It's been a long three days for Sara Ford's family. "Late Sunday afternoon is the last time we had electricity," said Ford. "We've been using candles and cooking on the grill," said Ford.

And much of their time is spent driving back and forth to town for bottled water. "That's what we've been washing dishes with, bathing in, and cooking with," said Ford.

Now they're going on day four without power, and no relief is in sight. "Nobody has come out here yet to get that tree out of the way," said Ford.

Its a common site all over Berrien County, trees are laid across the road, bringing down power lines and leaving hundreds of people who leave nearby without power. "We can't do anything until Colquitt EMC gets here and they're overwhelmed with trees and power lines being down," said Ben Warren, Assistant Road Supervisor.

Public works crews have been working around the clock since Sunday afternoon to clear debris and level washed out roads. "Monday evening, about 40 percent of the dirt roads here were impassible," said Warren.

The storm damage gave students one more day out of class, but crews hope to have things cleared up by tomorrow morning. "We're going to work some overtime today and have it where buses can roll tomorrow," said Warren.

As for Sara and her family, they've gained a new appreciation for electricity. "My kids and grand kids will appreciate it more, they can't live without it," said Sara.

And hopefully, they won't have to much longer.

Berrien County schools will reopen tomorrow.

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