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Clean-up cost adds up in Albany

September 8, 2004

Albany - Damage estimates from Frances are adding up in Albany. The city and county estimate it cost $182,000 to prepare for and clean up after the storm, not including damage to private property.

Wednesday, Ken Kiernan started cleaning up his yard on Third Avenue. That's no easy task for him, or anybody, after Frances left yards and roads across Dougherty County covered with debris.

"It'll get done," said Kiernan. "I figure two hours today and two hours tomorrow. Eventually, it will come together."

City and county crews continue to sweep the streets and pick up fallen limbs and trees. Emergency Management officials hope the President will declare southwest Georgia a disaster area.

"If we do become a state with authorized declaration, we should look forward to seeing some funds to offset money we're putting out now," said EMA Director Jim Vaught. The city and county are putting out about $182,000 dollars in overtime cost, gas for vehicles, and disposal of debris. But, will clean-up efforts be in vain, as Hurricane Ivan poses a threat to Florida and south Georgia.

"We need a little time to recovery from this, but obviously we don't have time," said Public Works Director Phil Roberson. "Mother Nature dictates what we have to do, so we're going to do the best we can, and work as long as we need to getting prepared for this other storm." That means sweeping streets, cleaning out catch basins and lowering holding ponds as quickly as possible and hoping for some good luck.

"I'm hoping for a good wind that will blow the leaves across the street so I don't have to do the work," joked Kiernan.

It could take several more days to determine the amount of damage to private property.

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