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Bad weather brings jobs to S. GA

September 8, 2004

Thomasville - The recent Hurricanes have been cruel to Florida, but not to Stewart Park Homes. Lucas Stewart, General Manager of the company says, "We recently got a lot of business off of the hurricanes that have been hitting Florida and we've got a back log now that's equal to our next quarter year worth of production."

And that's not just good news for the company, it's good for the entire community. More production means more jobs. Charles Baisden says, "We're looking to double the workforce of the company essentially, from about 75 to a 150 people, projections are that will make us one of the top ten employers in the Thomas County area."

Kenny Sanders has been working here for about two weeks. He says, "The people here are great. I like working here. It's a nice atmosphere to work in."

And if the work orders continue to increase, it looks as though the atmosphere will be a place even more people will enjoy.

"We're about 300% over what we were last year, we're expecting some similar numbers for the next couple of years," says Stewart. In the next couple of weeks, Stewart hopes to hire on some additional help.

Stewart says, "Great place to work, good pay, excellent benefits, we're a company that's on the move." On the move and taking Thomasville's economy along for the ride.

To apply for a job at Stewart Park Homes, simply call them or go by their office, located on Industrial Boulevard in Thomasville.

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