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Storm passes, damage remains

September 7, 2004

South Georgia-- The storm moved through south Georgia yesterday and overnight causing downed trees, power outages, ad some flash flooding.

Lakes are swelling, and creeks are rising because of the rain brought by Frances. A north Albany holding pond couldn't take all the rain and burst. Power crews are still working all over south Georgia to get the lights back on.

And people are busy trying to clean up all the downed trees and limbs. We have live team coverage tonight of the cleanup after Frances.

Lee County remained relatively unscathed by Frances. A few homes in Leesburg sustained damage, A pine tree clipped the roof of one.

Farther south, on US 19, a billboard was knocked over by powerful winds. A small number of people in south Lee County were without power last night, but power was restored quickly.

High winds and rain left Albany littered with limbs and debris. Fallen trees damaged homes and cars and left homeowners and city work crews with a lot of cleaning up to do.

Four pumps pull water from Greg Rawlins backyard on Homewood Drive.A holding pond broke and water flooded his lawn. Now, he's pumping out the water, but it could take days for him and the rest of the city to clean up what Frances left behind.

City crews rushed around town trying to clean up the stormy mess. A 100 year-old fallen oak was a major task. The tree fell on a 7th Avenue home last night. Luckily, no one was hurt and there was no major damage to the house.

In Northwest Albany, rain soaked ground and strong winds were a destructive combination for another huge oak tree. Around 9:30PM, the Hatcher family heard what sounded like thunder.

Kids, out of school, played on the huge limbs. The house wasn't damaged, but that wasn't very comforting for the Hatcher family. They bought the house because of the big tree.

It took Frances less than 24 hours to clutter lawns, all over Albany, with limbs and debris. But it may take weeks to clean up her mess.

City officials say early preparations, such as draining holding ponds and cleaning out catch basin, stopped more problems.

There were a lot of near misses. A power outage at a pump station on Oakridge Drive nearly caused a solid waste spill, but an emergency generator kept the pump station working until WG&L crews could turn on the power.

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