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Storm causes big scare for one family

September 7, 2004

Valdosta - A 100 foot pine tree is headed straight for the Porter family's home. "We've been up all night watching it," said Molly Porter.

Now they've had to evacuate their home, and are playing a waiting game with mother nature. "I was terrified, I grabbed everything I could and got out of there as quick as possible," said Carlynn Porter.

"It could stay like that all day or it could fall in the next five minutes," said Firefighter Eric Conrad.

The trees roots are already starting to come up out of the ground. And at the top, all that's supporting its weight is a small branch leaning against another tree. With a little bit more wind and rain, it could fall at any minute. "If more water gets into the ground, its going to loosen up the roots and come on over," said Conrad. "And when it does fall, its headed right for the center of the house."

Because the tree just missed the city's property line by inches, its up to the Porters to take it down. "We're waiting for a tree surgeon to get here and we'll try to have it down soon," said Carlynn.

But trees are down all across the county, and tree surgeons are very busy. "I've called a few and several of them want to take two to three days but we can't wait that long," said Weyman Porter.

So they'll continue to wait, watch, pray that their home will be safe until help arrives.

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