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Frances gives South Georgians quite a scare

September 6, 2004

Dougherty County/Worth County- A tree fell on top of two vehicles at Gee Mobile home park at the corner of Mock and Moultrie roads. Mary Venters says the tree fell right after she left her mobile home to seek shelter in Marian Messer's nearby house.

Messer said "The wind just came up and knocked it down. It just fell down." "I pulled it up in the yard here to get out of my trailer and in the house with Ms. Messer, and I parked my car there, and by the time I got in the house a tree came down and hit it," claims Venters.

Fallen tree limbs were scattered throughout the mobile home park.

There was a similar scene farther down Moultrie Road just inside the Worth County Line.

The Hayes family felt the ground shaking and moved their cars just in time to avoid a huge tree.

Carla Hayes remembers "He said the roots are moving so he started screaming baby get your keys, get your keys. We've got to move the vehicle, so we came out here and moved our vehicles and within 45 minutes this tree was down."

The Hayes said they're still nervous Frances will cause more damage to their property.

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