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After Storm Safety Tips

September 6, 2004

Albany- The sounds of chainsaws will echo throughout South Georgia when the gusty winds are finally gone. "They can be very dangerous," says Home Depot worker, Paul Spratlin. They can be so dangerous that more than 40 thousand chainsaw injuries are reported annually.

Spratlin explains "You need to make sure your chain is good and tight. If a chain slips off, it can cut you. It can fly around and cut your leg." Getting cut with a chainsaw can happen many other ways. Spratlin says "Hitting a hard piece of wood will make it jump back. Not paying attention, cutting the wood and letting the saw go down to cut your leg, not watching your hands when you're using the saw, sometimes you'll let a hand roll over into the blade."

To keep that dangerous blade from hurting you, there are several safety precautions you should consider. "Goggles are always good. Safety glasses can be worn, but goggles are better because they can cover the sides of your eyes. Ear protection is always good. Chain saws are very noisy when they're running. Gloves are very much essential. Using gloves will save your hands from getting cut," explains Spratlin.

Another after storm safety Hazard is Generators. Many people use them improperly by putting them inside their homes. Spratlin says"They run off gasoline, just like an automobile," and they put off carbon monoxide, a poisonous byproduct that could leave you seriously ill or even kill you.

What about all of your food? How do you know if it's safe to eat when your power comes back on? Environmental Health expert Susan Reyher explains "If they've been warmer than 40 degrees for more than two or three or four hours, they should be tossed out." If you're just not sure, Reyher says "when in doubt throw it out," and throw out the chances of getting a serious, even potentially deadly, illness.

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