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South Georgia stores board up against storm

September 6, 2004

Albany -- Some South Georgia businesses boarded up to protect themselves against Tropical Storm Frances.

20 Advance Auto Parts stores across South Georgia put plywood up across their front windows to protect against high winds. They laid down sand bags inside just in case of flooding.

Advance has 500 stores in Florida, many of which were damaged by Hurricane Charley last month. Management decided to board up stores as far north as Warner Robins because of Frances.

Carpenter Drew Smith said "When you look at it from an inventory standpoint, and the cost of replacing these windows, I don't think it's overkill. I think they are protecting their investment, and I think it's a smart thing to do right now."

Drew Smith and his crews have been working since Saturday to board up the 20 South Georgia stores.

Advance Auto Parts management ordered the stores to keep the plywood when they take it down in case of another storm.

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