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Dog killed by falling tree

September 6, 2004

Dougherty County -- Gusting winds in Dougherty County toppled trees, damaging property, and knocking down power lines.

One South Dougherty County man's dog was killed, when a tree fell on her. The man narrowly avoided being hit while he rescued his other pets.

The roots of a 50 foot oak tree prove just how strong the wind gusts were behind Willie Mosley's home off Moultrie Road. Mosley said " It was a loud boom."

The tree fell onto his dog pen, where he kept the families four pets. Mosley said "One of my dogs I couldn't find him. The other three dogs I kinda got up under the tree and pulled them a loose, got them out the pen. They went running. Then that time two more trees fell. Lucky I got back in time when those two fell."

The dog killed was a  7 month old Husky mix named Lucky. Mosley's other three dogs have come back, but they wander around the yard trying to find their pen.

Mosley is also in shock that three oaks in his yard came crashing down. "I never thought they'd fall like that. I thought some of these smaller ones might have popped off and fell before the two big ones fell."

Mosley said his first task is to build another shelter for his remaining three dogs. The tree clean up will be a big job, but he will wait for another day.

Willie Mosley said he is just thankful the huge trees missed him and his home.

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