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Floridians leaving Albany for home

September 6, 2004

Albany-- Florida families are cautiously making their way home.

Albany motels were booked this weekend, thanks to the influx of Florida travelers running from Frances.

But, now that Frances is making an exit, many are exiting Albany.

Florida tags line the Ramada Inn parking lot.  But, these people are going, not coming, "Headed home, hopefully there is a home to head home to."

Terry Somerville from outside Daytona Beach is ready to leave her temporary home, "Friday morning we headed up this way and we went to about 20 hotels motels before we could get in."

She's not sure what she will return to, "Not a word, just from the news what they say. I am a student at Daytona Beach Community College and if all is ok it is going to be open tomorrow so I need to get home and get my homework done so I can get to school in the morning."

A few cars down, the Peck family from Orlando is packing to leave--they are badly shaken by Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Charley, "I grew up here in Georgia, but I lived in Florida for 30 something years, but I have never experienced anything like this, back to back, not this bad. It has been very frightening to me," says Margaret Peck.

Some people are still afraid of what's to come and are hunkering down in Albany, "Well with Ivan behind Frances, I don't know, I have noticed a lot of the tags are from South Florida, I wouldn't if I were them," says Catherine Lungar of Tallahassee.

Still, other families say it is time to go and are hoping for the best.

Families we spoke to say they will not rush home. Some are even planning on stopping in Valdosta or other cities farther south to reassess the weather situation.

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