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Surging winds, spot power outages come to Dougherty Co.

September 6, 2004

Albany-- The surging winds are starting to do some minor damage in Dougherty County, as some people have lost power. The winds are whipping trees in Dougherty County and South Georgia, and it looks like that will continue most of the day.

Limbs danced in those winds, and that can mean big trouble, trees and limbs falling could mean lots of power lines down.

About this 9:00 this morning a huge tree was blown out of the ground by the high winds of Tropical Storm Francis, falling onto an apartment building on Radium Springs Road. No one was injured, but power to the dozen East Albany homes were knocked out when the tree knocked down power lines.

Power outages have hit several parts of Albany sporadically. About 10:00, the power around South Slappey and West Oakridge went out. Traffic lights went dark, and cars had to proceed with caution through the intersection.

People at neighboring stores could not fill up their cars with gas because the pumps need electricity to work. In South Dougherty County, one power line behind Mrs. Alice Hawkins home off Calvary Road was blown down. "I was at my kitchen window washing dishes, and I was looking and I saw fire went by. I did not see the line, I just saw the fire go by."

Mrs. Hawkins' house still has power, but her well pump is out, so she has no water. But Mitchell E.M.C. crews have been notified. The surging winds are whipping South Georgia trees.

As more rain saturates the ground, trees could be uprooted, and of course limbs falling could knock down power lines. It will be a busy day for utility companies. The winds are picking up, and more rain is forecast as the day goes along.

People need to be aware that trees limbs and power lines could be down. If you see power lines down, make sure to stay well away from them, and notify your local power company.

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