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Tree limbs litter Thomas County

September 5, 2004

Thomasville-- The first squall line to hit our area knocked down trees and power lines, leaving many of you without power. In Thomas County, tree limbs and debris littered the streets after strong winds cause some damage there.

Minutes worth of wind and rain have caused hours of disrepair in Thomas County. Downed trees and power lines left thousands of South Georgians without power after a fast moving squall line moved through the area, and the worst is yet to come. "What we'll see probably over the next day or two will just be a continuous steady rainfall and continuous winds and it will probably be a long two or three days ahead," said Thomas Co. EMA Dir. Chris Jones.

With wind gusts threatening mobile home units, Jones is urging those who feel they are in danger to seek shelter. "We have issued a voluntary evacuation for mobile homes. Anyone who thinks that their mobile home or their home is unsuitable for the weather conditions to seek shelter with a family member or friend."

And if that's not an option, the Red Cross has opened a shelter at Cross Creek Elementary School. That's where a Floridian evacuee found refuge. "I feel that I will be safe here and whatever happens is going to happen, and we'll just make the best of it," said Wanda Hixson.

Wanda's first time in a shelter was just a few weeks ago, during Hurricane Charley. There is a mandatory curfew as of midnight. Most of Thomas County now has power restored.

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