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Baby horse escapes Hurricane and beats odds

September 3, 2004

Lee County-- Among the Florida evacuees in South Georgia are some expensive four-legged guests. We met one of these special animals that is no stranger to bad weather.

Mary Rummel's new 3-month old colt, Woody, has been lucky since birth. He survived a life threatening hole in his bladder.

"He had to have blood plasma transfusions and his immune system wasn't were it needed to be. That is what he went through and he survived," says Rummel.

The young horse from Geneva, Florida survived only to soon after come face to face with the whipping winds and furious rains of Hurricane Charley.

"The only thing I could do was to say mamma is here and I came to see how you are and I can give you a few leaves of hay and that will hopefully calm you until I can come back in the morning to see what it looks like," remembers Rummel.

Miraculously the young horse cheated fate and survived the night with his mother. And when you may have thought his luck had all run out, it happened again when Mary Rummel looking to evacuate from Hurricane Frances just happened across the Hunny Pot Stables on Philema Road in Lee County, a perfect haven for her extend family.

"They were just welcoming us with open arms they were just terrific to us and we had no idea where we were coming to," says Rummel.

Now as Woody enjoys play time and a lunch of green grass with his mother he may not be aware that in his three month of life he has quite a story becoming a survivor three times over.

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