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South Georgia Republicans get ready to hit campaign trail

September 2, 2004

Albany- The sea of Republicans at the convention in New York City includes several South Georgians.

But the ones who stayed behind spent some time talking about how they'll campaign for the Bush/Cheney ticket up to election day.

"Well, we're looking forward to seeing George W. Bush take Dougherty County," said Don Cole, chairman of the Dougherty County Republican Party. "We're just seeing a growing momentum right here in this area."

Many areas of South Georgia vote Democratic in the Presidential race, but this year, the strong words of Zell Miller could shake things up a little. Albany Republicans weren't surprised at what the Senator had to say.

"I've heard Governor, Senator Miller speak before and heard him speak recently," said Karen Kemp who is heading up the local campaign. "I've read his book. It really didn't surprise me. I knew it would be one of the best speeches of the convention."

The convention, they say, has pushed the campaign forward. That makes local candidates proud to be on the Republican ticket.

"I'm proud to be on the Republican ticket because they have the same values in the things that I value in my family and my life, so there are a lot of issues with the Republican party that I am right in line with," said Jason Thornhill who is running for Dougherty County coroner.

"We want to let President Bush know how much we support him in South Georgia and we're joining other Republicans across the state," Kemp said.

Dougherty County Republicans are counting on Georgia being a state that helps put President Bush back in the White House.

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