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Hurricane Frances gets Thomas County's attention

September 2, 2004

Thomasville - If Frances stays on the predicted path, South Georgia could also be seriously affected. Today, there are few clouds and only slight wind in Thomas County, but all of that will change within the next several days as Hurricane Frances brings with it powerful winds and rains that will saturate our area.

"The size of the storm is a concern that I have because the rain bands out in front of the storm will get here several hours prior to the eye of the storm, and the ground getting saturated with water," Jones says.

The storm could result in downed trees and power lines, even flooding. Thomas County EMA Director, Chris Jones warns local safety officials that now is the time to prepare.

Jones says, "Today would be the ideal day to try to get your family disaster plan in place and your needed supplies in case we do lose electricity for any length of time."

Pat Rentz of the Red Cross says, even though the storm will weaken before it hits South Georgia, folks should have a safety plan in place and to prepare, not panic. Rentz says, "People shouldn't be afraid. We should be concerned and be aware, but we're going to do whatever we think is the best thing to do, to take care of our residents, locally."

As well as taking care of our guests out of Florida. Right now, law enforcement agencies are encouraging evacuees to continue moving North, out of South Georgia.

If shelters in Thomas County do open, they will be listed on the Archbold help line at 229-228-CARE.

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