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Dog attack produces new animal ordinance

September 1, 2004

Terrell County-- A vicious dog attack last month motivates Terrell County Commissioners to approve a new animal ordinance.

Beverly Harrell attended this morning's meeting to tell commissioners her harrowing story. She and her granddaughter were riding horses down a dirt road when a Rottweiler attacked their horse, both were thrown from the horses.

The dog tore massive gashes into the horses. "I mean even if I was on foot or on a bicycle coming down that road and that dog came at me, I mean you wouldn't have had a chance, because if it can rip a horse open what would it do to a person?" asked Horse Owner Beverly Harrell.

The new animal control ordinance protects people from vicious dogs, but not animals. There is also a contract with the Sumter County Humane Society to take their stray dogs. This ordinance is the result of a lawsuit won by the city for the county to reinstate its animal control policies.

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