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South Georgia opinions vary on Miller speech

September 1, 2004

Albany -- The Republican National Convention heats up in New York with Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller as the keynote speaker.

Miller insists he will be a Democrat until he dies, but he is endorsing President Bush for re-election. Some South Georgians say Senator Miller is a traitor, some a patriot.

Many people eating at Pearly's say they are looking forward to tonight's historic event at the Republican Convention. Sissy Smith said "Can't wait to see Zell. It's going to be great."

Longtime Georgia Democrat party leader Zell Miller will deliver the Republican Party's keynote address. James Harrell supports Miller. "I think Zell is more on principals than he is strictly a Democrat or a Republican. He speaks on what he feels is best for the country."

But Vernon Storry thinks Miller should be thrown out of office for his zig zag. "You vote for him because you think he is a Democrat. And then he changes horses in the middle of the stream. That's not right."

But most people we talked to support Zell's Republican appearance. Bob McGee said "He has seen his party that he has been in for 50 years taken away from him. They no longer represent the values we have here in Georgia."

Many people said they would tune in to hear Zell Miller's thoughts on the Presidential Race. Many said no chance. Alicia Avera said "Uh, uh. I don't pay attention to any of that stuff."

Jennifer Sanders said "No I don't watch TV, so I won's see any of the convention."

Even their state's top Democrat delivering the Republican keynote speech does not interest some South Georgians.

Just 12 years ago then Georgia Governor Zell Miller introduced Bill Clinton as the Democrat's presidential nominee.

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