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An economic boost for one of Georgia's smallest counties

September 1, 2004

Webster County -Tolleson Lumber Company in Webster county will add a second shift to it's operations at the beginning of next year. The change will bring in eighty-five new jobs for one of the poorest areas in the state.

Twenty-two year old Kristal Cunningham hopes the company will consider her for one of the openings. "It's a struggle because I'm a single parent and there's not many jobs around here," claims Cunningham.

The company has already had more than thirty calls regarding the job openings but will not accept applications for another month.

Webster County has the second lowest population in the state. Only about 2,400 people live there.

The total workforce is a little more than a thousand people. Local leaders know jobs are scarce, but they say they have few resources to implement new ideas.

County commissioner Dave Wills explains "I would characterize economic development activity as being sporadic. Only when there is some idea such as Tolleson locating, do we really get involved. We're so small that we don't have staff to do that, so we're not fortunate in that respect."

The average income in Webster county is two thirds lower than that of the state average.

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