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First chance to be first-time homeowners

August 31, 2004

Albany- In all of Mollie Pratt's 68 years, this moving day may be one of the most special.

"This will be my first night of sleeping here," she said. "And I know I won't sleep." Maybe because her family has a lot of work to do, but most likely because she's just too excited.

This is Mollie's first home. That is, the first one she's ever owned. So filling the cabinets with food means a little more this time.

"And just think now, the yard, the shrubbery that I set out will be mine and it will just be there. I won't have to walk off and leave it."

Mollie and her four foster children and two adopted sons are the fourth family to move in to Charity Lane Subdivision. It's the ministry of Trinity Metropolitan Baptist working with the city and Heritage Bank to make moving days happen.

"It was her dream. It really was her dream," said Shalanda Rambo with Trinity Community Development Corporation. "It was just her heart and our hearts working together to help her accomplish that dream."

As they keep unpacking, Mollie will tell you it's a dream she didn't expect to become a reality. She's still in awe of everything from appliances to the ceiling fans.

"When you get up in the morning, you can look around and tell God thank you," Mollie said. "This is mine. The chandelier that I never had is mine. I mean, central heating and air. Honey I come from when you had to put wood in the heater. That's where I come from. But just look at me now."

Because what you'll see is a woman who's invested in her country in one of the most important ways, by buying a home. A real American dream.

There will be an open house at Charity Lane's model home, Saturday, Sept. 11 from noon to 4 p.m. For more information on the program, call (229) 889-8810.

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