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Passion DVD a big hit

August 31, 2004

Albany- Chances are you won't have to look very hard to find a copy of The Passion of the Christ in any store. The huge displays will lead you straight to them.

"We had people calling wanting it yesterday, wanting to know if we'd open at midnight last night to be out front. We've had interest the whole time. People were pre-buying up until yesterday to assure that they had a copy of it," says Mike Bertram, manager of Lifeway Christian Store.

Lifeway pre-sold more than 65,000 copies nationwide, and their other Passion products like books and CD's are selling as well. They've already ordered another shipment of the film less than 24 hours after it hit stores.

"We've got product available for people to continue to come in, but we've got more coming this week, so we're expecting a big crowd to come in for the weekend especially," Bertram says.

But you won't have to buy the DVD to watch it at home. The Passion is now available at rental stores, too.

"It was very, very popular. We expect it to be our next to biggest title of the year," says Blockbuster Manager Don Miller.

By mid-afternoon there were still more than 20 copies left on Blockbuster's shelves, but by closing time that may be a different story.

"We do most our business at night, so when people get off of work. They'll all be gone soon," Miller says.

"Been waiting for it for a long time," says Josh Nix.

Nix saw the film in theaters the first day it opened, and now he'll be one of the first to see it again.

"I plan on watching it as soon as I get home and then watching it again later tonight," he says.

Though Blockbuster is expecting brisk rentals of The Passion, managers say most people will just buy it. They anticipate Shrek 2 to be the most rented movie of the year.

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