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Man warns drivers of speed trap

August 30, 2004

Worth County- Maylon Benson put a sign up along the westbound lane of Highway 82, that's warns drivers of a speed trap ahead.

He says he's been ticketed at least twice in a year's time for speeding into Poulan. Benson says because the speed limit quickly changes from 65 to 45 miles per hour, Poulan police have the unfair advantage of stopping motorists before they are able to slow down.

"Policeman should be ambassadors to the community, but the main thing is it's really hurting a lot of people. Instead of going after these people for drugs and child molesters, the bad stuff they're out here making easy money," Benson says.

Poulan police declined to give an interview, but say the city is not a speed trap and they do not unfairly target motorists. They even say they hope Benson's sign will encourage drivers to slow down.

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