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Last minute preps underway at Flint Riverquarium

August 30, 2004

Albany - After nearly two years of construction, the Flint Riverquarium is almost ready to open. Staffers and construction crews are working feverishly to finish the exhibits in time for Friday's grand opening.

The huge bass and carp watched from afar as construction crews make adjustments to the blue hole. "These guys are doing last minute changes to the rock work. We'll be painting it to match," said Director Doug Noble.

It's crunch time with only four days until the grand opening of the Flint Riverquarium. "Boxes are coming in. We're unpacking them and checking to make sure nothing is broken. Then, we have to put into the inventory on are new computer system," said Noble.

The gift shop still looks bare, as do some of the exhibits. "Obviously this tank needs some work, but we'll have it done," said Noble as he noticed an empty tank. But, Noble assures by Friday the Riverquarium will awe visitors. "We're in the process of getting ready to put the last few fish in. We've gotten the water cleared up a good bit."

Wet paints signs are scattered through the building - a fresh coat of paint just went up to cover nicks and dings from construction. The building may still need some aesthetic repairs, but the creatures don't seem to mind their new "work-in-progress" home.

The attraction will open to the public at 5:00 Friday afternoon. WALB News Ten at 6:00 will also broadcast live from the Riverquarium on Friday.

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